"...dancing on top of a volcano, one night of narcissistic glitter entertainment 
as an escape from the world afflicted by the universally rampant crisis..."

(GDM about the sensation of the mid 70s,
called disco, in 'The Funky Town-Book", BRT edition,1985)

It used to be simple.
Either you were bowled over by the feelgood - disco of one hit-wonders,
wrapped up in skin-tight
turtleneck sweaters and sqaure haircuts;
or you went in your ankle-fittin’ jeans and even 'wronger' hair styles
to patchouli-coloured rock parties.
Going for a picknick with the other side was absolutely not done.
Meanwhile we are landed with
a new millennium and all borders have been blurred.
Relief and shiverz through the spinez of golden, silver, and lost NIX-generationz.
For DISCO is allowed again... and even is alive and kicking.

welcome to the wondrous world
of Boogie WonderBand

The land of glamour and glitter, of infallible voices and dance stepzof 
"Can you remember this one... ?!”

Boogie WonderBand blows you over in one groove,surprises with precision
and aims at long forgotten intestines in your abdomen.
Never did covers sound so correct and modern.
Close your eyez and swear that Earth, Wind & Fire
penetrate your auditory ductz.

Open your eyez and imagine yourself in the overpowering
nearness of The Jackson Five.
And particularly be aware of Abba, Chic, The Beegees and
dozenz of other party wonderz slashing
mercilessly at your emotional and physical condition.
Even days later songz like “Disco Inferno”,
“I Will Survive”, ”Celebration”, “Relight My Fire”,
will make your kneez leap up.
 Boogie WonderBand is a  sweatin’ stage filled with
4 professional musicianz and three oiled lead vocalz.